Pobletech Inc. - ROBOTEKNIK

Providing Solutions for Human Progress

Pobletech Inc. is one of the Philippines' most innovative companies with strong focus on research and development. Headquartered in Kawit, Cavite, we conduct business with clients in the Asia Pacific region. We are engaged in the design and construction of underwater robots. 

Company Roots

We trace our roots to Kawit, Cavite, where we first erected our research laboratory in December 2006 in a converted garage. We developed and honed our processes and skills in rapid design, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and programming technologies. 

Global Scope

With a growing global partner network, Pobletech aims to position its products and services to be the best in the region. The company's internal state-of-the-art communications and collaboration systems allow it to adapt to global demands at unprecedented speed and efficiency.


Technology is propelling our growth. We're continuing our research and development activities of underwater systems that will produce highly cost-effective products using ultra-modern rapid design and manufacturing technologies.


Recognized by the Philippine Government's Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as an innovation powerhouse, Pobletech Inc. has consistently garnered awards from the department during the last two years for its research and development excellence in unmanned systems.

Our Work

We recognize that the world needs great minds to tinker with pressing problems and come up with solutions that works, no matter how unconventional or radical. That's why Pobletech engineers and researchers work daily to find newer and better ways.